Bonview Consulting Group (BCG)

Bonview consulting group (BCG) is an organization project and contract management specialist consulting group of individual and corporate partners working together to implement global development projects in Africa and North America. We achieve this by using dedicated professionals with exceptional high standards and strong business ethics to provide effective global solutions for our clients.
BCG invites “Expressions of interest” (EOI) from qualified and competent individual professionals and organizations wishing to provide consulting and project implementation services on a non-exclusive basis.
Regions/Countries of Focus: North America, Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia and Kenya)
We meet development project needs in the following targeted areas:

  • Banking
  • Capital markets and collective investment schemes
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Market Integrity and Combating financial crime
  • Strategic planning for financial sector especially in corporate debt restructuring and liquidity management
  • Information technology service, including communication services, information management and training
  • Construction-Design/Build; rehabilitation; water and sanitation systems; roads and highways
  • Water resources-Policy and strategy
  • Transportation sector policy strategy and planning
  • Energy sector policy, strategy, and planning
  • Health policy, planning and strategy including medical equipment and supplies.
  • Institution and Human Capacity Development.
  • Environmental Health and Safety Management

Core Values

Character - Our foundational core value; requires integrity, honesty, truth and courage with humility.

Compassion - Sensitivity to the needs of others; heart-felt desire to give meaningful help to those in need; an attitude of valuing people.

Competency - Expertise, excellence, industriousness, productivity, self-motivation, innovation, resourcefulness and creativity.

Commitment - Dedication to the success of other team members and clients; giving energy and enthusiasm to reach shared goals; loyalty and going the extra mile.

Chemistry - Working together with team members, clients and partners; enjoying, respecting, valuing, loving, serving and contributing to others.

Capacity - Potential for growth, intelligence, strength and the ability to perform.

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