Environmental Health & Safety Management

At Bonview Consulting Group, our environmental Health and Safety management system is relevant to all organizations, from single site to large multi-nationals and from high risk companies to low risk service organizations. Managing your environmental impact is relevant to manufacturing, process and service industries, including local and central governments, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

BCG integrated environmental, health and safety management tools help you integrate EHS performance into your business. We're committed to helping clients improve their performance by aligning their EHS strategies with their overall business strategies.

In addition to environmental, health and safety management and business integration, we provide:

Strategic environmental planning:
No two business strategies are alike or there would not be any competitive advantages. BCG works closely with you and your staff, providing technical expertise, regulatory experience, and guidance as you make environmental issues part of your overall decision-making process.

Environmental audits
A review of your facility’s compliance with regulations for air, water, solid and hazardous waste, wastewater, and worker health and safety provides either the reassurance that your basic compliance Responsibilities are being met or an opportunity to make needed changes before changes is forced on you.
BCG performs environmental audits on your existing facilities as well as environmental assessments for property acquisitions.

Industrial hygiene and safety
OSHA compliance may be the most complex ongoing responsibility that companies face today. Forty-three percent of facilities surveyed by Safety and Health said they needed to update their safety programs. BCG can provide program development assistance, worker training, and ongoing program administration assistance, as well as indoor air monitoring and investigations of worker complaints. Working with BCG certified industrial hygienists consultants adds expertise to your staff when and where you need it.

Waste, energy, and materials reduction
The data required by permitting programs point directly to your largest sources of emissions. Your purchasing and materials-use records show your major sources of production costs. Put these together, add engineering expertise, and you have opportunities to reduce costs through pollution prevention, energy reduction, and waste minimization. BCG can assist you in setting priorities, balancing up-front costs against long-term savings, developing new procedures, designing process modifications, and evaluating pollution-prevention program success.

Risk consulting
BCG helps you apply cost-benefit analysis to corporate decision-making every day.
Risk assessment is cost-benefit analysis for environmental decisions: what Is the likelihood of environmental harm from your activities?
Risk assessment is essential for environmental impact statements, analysis of hazardous waste sites, compliance with accidental release management rules, and litigation support. By evaluating chemical exposure and toxicology data, BCG consultants and engineers can identify the information you need to make intelligent decisions about chemical use.

An effective safety and health program depends on the credibility of management's involvement in the program; BCG’S inclusion of client employees in safety and health decisions; rigorous worksite analysis to identify hazards and potential hazards, including those which could result from a change in worksite conditions or practices; stringent prevention and control measures; and thorough training. It addresses hazards whether or not they are regulated by government standards.

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